How To Answer "Why Do You Want This Job"

30 December 2022

Try not to panic while preparing for an upcoming job interview. Keep calm and revise as many common interview questions as you can. A common question asked in HR interviews these days is, "Why do you want this job?" – This also seems like a random question, but if you answer it properly, you can actually land your dream job. Start your preparation with the answers summarized here.

Organize your thoughts according to the situation you can best describe in front of the HR interviewer. Prepare the following possible answers to the HR interview question "Why do you want this job?" Respond with confidence and a positive tone to increase your influence.

Possible answer #1

“My career affirmation is that I want to have a decent career in my current domain. I have acquired some necessary skills and am comfortable with the company's way of doing things.The important thing is to set myself up according to the requirements that will help me achieve the goals I set for myself. I believe that opening doors will actually ensure that all my goals and requirements are met over time. This job will help you lay a strong foundation for, and ultimately build on, your professional life. That's the best answer I can think of to your "why do you want this job?" question.

Possible answer #2

“The answer to that question is very simple: this job offer at your esteemed organization will improve my character and give me ample opportunity to use most of the skills I have acquired professionally and personally. I can show my potential on this platform, so I can bring out the best in me, and your organization will help me reach my full potential and find experienced professionals. It offers one of the best professional workspaces to work from home. I am confident that if I join this company, I will be able to grow my career and contribute to the growth of the entire organization. ”

Possible answer #3

“Honestly, I think this organization provides me with an environment where I can maximize my skills. You can create and help this organization grow together.What more could you ask for?Working in an atmosphere where you can freely express your thoughts and do your best It's something I'm really looking forward to, there's not a lot of room in the current organization for new hires like me, but it's also a great place to work, and most importantly, this job is for me. It's a perfect fit for all your needs. I have spent a lot of time developing and nurturing my skills and this is the perfect place to fully apply each of the skills as the job description is exactly what I have been looking for for many years. I think it's the platform. ”

Possible answer #4

“I think there comes a time in everyone's life when they ask themselves, 'What if I could stand up for myself and challenge myself and overcome it myself?' Did I face all the hardships, or did I take the easy road? I have to face this challenge, handle it and prove to myself that I can live up to it! This opportunity will in many ways boost my confidence and help me advance my career. At first, it can help boost your hidden self-confidence significantly. It also motivates you to work hard, hone your skills, and gain more knowledge in the field.

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